Stéphane KOVAL

Stéphane KOVAL

Architect-programming expert in sports and soccer

Member of the International Chair of Research on Sports venues and landscapes

7 years at LAB 45 and Atletiko architecture agencies, France and Canada
Architect and Founder, architecture firms dedicated to sports

8 years at Atelier d’Architectures Pierre Ferret, France

  • “Boite à spectacle” designer at Lille Stadium- World first “Soccer to Concert Hall” Arena
  • Soccer and Multipurpose Stadiums Project Manager (Lille, Toulouse Stadium extension, Clermont Ferrand)
  • Numerous Soccer facilities design competitions (Nice, Dijon, Besançon)
  • French National Rugby Team training center competition (CTNR Marcoussis)
  • Soccer World cup 2010- Egyptian bid, 8 stadiums design