Coaches & players

  • Vern Gambetta

    - by Maxou82

    « Youth sport development – Could we learn some lessons from the French soccer development process? Here is some food for…

  • John Wolyniec

    - by Maxou82

    « I’ve noticed how in-depth and how comprehensively the French think about what they’re doing. Can we see ourselves as educators,…

  • Tim Bezbatchenko

    - by Maxou82

    « The idea was to focus on who’s coaching the coaches. We decided to go to the source. The French Football…

  • Todd Durbin

    - by Maxou82

    « We are incredibly excited about this new partnership with the French Football Federation. As part of our vision to be…

  • Gordon Miller

    - by Maxou82

    « The French way – We must always take a look at successful soccer nations and learn from what they do…

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